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Xin Feng Li (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd is a professional engaged in liquid nitrogen refrigeration equipment (food cabinet and tunnel freezer, liquid nitrogen cryogenic liquid nitrogen cryogenic treatment equipment industry), ice making equipment nitrogen making equipment, packaging equipment, ice equipment, low-temperature vacuum pipeline, and other food equipment. We have many years of sales and experience in products and services related to low temperature equipment and food machinery and equipment. With professional technology, good faith management, and continuous innovation of the spirit of the rapid development of the company. At the same time, the company does not forget to constantly optimize the service to customers, and as always, it has won the high evaluation and favor of the old and new customers.
Xin Feng Li company will be tailored for you to design the best low temperature equipment system for you. We have provided various types of cryogenic equipment to all parts of the world and provide technology to customers at any time. Optimal design of cryopreservation technology to ensure the continuous operation of low temperature equipment, no energy waste operation. Special alloy materials and patent processing technology are used. Compared with other brands of cryopreservation equipment, using the same low temperature freezing conditions, Xin Feng vertical cryogenic equipment can save energy and ensure the quality of products.