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The expert team inspected the company’s blackfish artificial hatching

Source:Xin Feng Li (Beijing) science and Technology Co., Ltd.   Time:2018年08月31日
On August 23, the Fisheries Administration of Sanmenxia City, Henan Province organized 4 experts to carry out technical guidance work at Dahe Aquaculture Co., Ltd. on the Yellow River Beach of Cangsang Village, Yunguguan Town, Lingbao City.
    The expert team inspected the company's blackfish artificial hatchery facility, adult fish pond culture, IoT technology application, black fish pellet feed instead of chilled fish culture technology promotion, and view breeding logs, technical files, water quality monitoring and Internet of Things information. Monitoring systems, etc., require management of their farming technology.
    Dahe Aquaculture Co., Ltd. is a breeding company that specializes in breeding all kinds of freshwater fish and operates in a self-produced and self-selling manner. It adopts the industrialized operation mode of “company + base + fisherman”. In 2018, it successfully produced 2.3 million black carp seedlings. Obtained the breeding license issued by the Provincial Fisheries Bureau to fill the gap in the artificial breeding technology of blackfish in the city. And the use of capital and technological advantages, driving more than 20 farmers around the blackfish farming, the average annual income of more than 200,000 yuan.
    In recent years, the Municipal Fisheries Administration has attached great importance to poverty alleviation and industrial poverty alleviation, actively promoted the application of new technologies, formed an expert poverty alleviation service team, and went deep into the grassroots level to carry out one-to-one technical guidance and technical services to solve the problems in production practice for farmers. . In the next step, we will give full play to the technical advantages of the expert team, carry out on-site technical services and guidance, continuously improve the technology and management level of the aquaculture enterprises, accelerate the pace of technological advancement, rapidly transform new technologies into productivity, promote the transformation and upgrading of fisheries, and realize the fishery production in our city. Scale, industrialization, standardization, and informationization have laid a good foundation for promoting efficient, green, healthy and sustainable development of fisheries.