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Liquid nitrogen quick freezing machine under blue sea and blue sky

Source:Xin Feng Li (Beijing) science and Technology Co., Ltd.   Time:2018年08月31日
Nanzhao Island, 30 nautical miles away from the mouth of the Minjiang River, is a blue island above the East China Sea. Under the blue sky and blue sky, a picture of the revitalization of the island of "red piloting, green development" is slowly opening.
During the warm period, Che Jun and his entourage boarded Nanxun Island for further investigation.
With the reputation of “China's most beautiful top ten islands”, Lamma Island has always been famous for attracting tourists from all over the world. In recent years, with the classification of garbage, street lamp installation, drinking water and other “people's heart projects” to fill the short island infrastructure, the quality of the scenic area has ushered in the summer tourist season, with nearly 2,000 visitors to Rijin Island. Nanxun Town actively guides the islanders to “eat the sea by the sea”, vigorously develop the marine aquaculture economy and the island tourism economy, and realize the transformation of Nanxun from “ecological beauty” to “industry beauty” and “economic beauty”. On an isolated island far from the mainland, the ecological island "rich folk songs" was played.
At the moment of August, it is the harvest season of the “sea ranch” in the Nanzhao Sea. Wujia, a local fishery farmer, will introduce that there are 76 breeding units in the town with a breeding area of ​​1,500 mu. Last year, the output value of yellow croaker farming reached 133 million yuan. At present, Nanxun Town is supporting the industry with large yellow croaker and mussels, relying on professional technical support to achieve deep-sea bionic breeding and launching the Nanxun breeding brand.
Tang Aiqiu, a member of the party committee of Sanpanwei Village, said that in the past, the village was still a weak village with its scenic spots. In recent years, village cadres have strengthened party building and guided. Under the premise of protecting the ecology, through the introduction of private capital, and in the way of paired-share operation, the village collectively invested in the construction of “three plates, B&Bs” and shopping plazas to provide tourists with “eat, live, and The one-stop service of playing and buying also allowed the village to take off the "backward hat" from this. The village's rich tourism resources, distinctive party organization construction and villagers' joint stock development B&B won the praise of Che Jun.
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