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I like to see the rice blast

Source:Xin Feng Li (Beijing) science and Technology Co., Ltd.   Time:2018年08月31日
I like to see the thousands of waves of rice stalks, and the rice scent of Yangtianxi. At 8 o'clock on the morning of August 26, with the opening of the "Kiantianyu", the chairman of the Jingzhou Miaozhai Hehua Fish Breeding Professional Cooperative, Jingzhou County, the village of Lianli Village, Jingli Village, Jingzhou County, was officially listed.
"The fish of Tangbao Miao Village is cultivated by cold water in the mountains. The meat is fresh and tender, and the rice is full. Now the market has sold 32 yuan a pound, and there is no goods." Pan Hongxiang looked at the lively fish in the field. Amazingly.
It is understood that Tangbao Miao Village is one of the eight Miao Villages in Jingzhou County. It is located at the top of the mountain, on the bank of the jungle stream, on the Miao Village, on the Jiuli, Xiajiuli, and in the eighteen-mile radius. Every household is a farmer who breeds the fish. Miaozhai's rice is superior to fish, and fish is also expensive because of rice. It is the unique alpine cold water and flower fish village in Jingzhou.
In recent years, in order to broaden the income channels of alpine farmers and solve the problem of poverty-stricken households getting rid of poverty, the two committees of Laoli Village and Village Supported 87 farmers (including 53 poor households and 34 non-poor households) under the guidance of the support policy. Invested 500,000 yuan to set up a cooperative--Tangbao Miaozhai Hehuayu Breeding Professional Cooperative. The cooperative promoted the "rice and fish farming" according to the "cooperative + farmer + base" business model, and integrated rice and fish species. In the same paddy field, the realization of "one water, two uses, one field and two harvests" will allow farmers to join the community to increase their income. This year, Tangbao Miaozhai rice fish has a total area of ​​270 mu, and it is estimated that it can produce 10,000 kg of Hehua fish and realize income of more than 300,000 yuan.